Invest/trade the best companies, at the best price possible. StockAid Pro is created to not just to find the best companies, but to find the best STOCKS.By JT Low


Educate everyone how to invest smartly and be able to gain financial freedom by practicing investment in their life.


Influencing the society that investment is necessary in our life and everyone can do it


We provide advanced technology on education course. With the help of AI software, we guide new investors to ease their investment pathway and experienced investor to save time and analyze more accurately. The greatest strength in our AI software is the cut loss system in risk management.



Investing/trading in stocks is not just about finding the best companies, it’s also finding the best price. In another words, a good stock = good company + good price + right timing.

If we find a good company but invested/traded at a price too high, we can still lose money. In order to profit, we need to behave like an auntie haggling for a discount in pasar malam.


Meet JT Low

StockAid Speaker
  • Over 10 years experiences in investing and investing automation.
  • At 18, JT Low was already a stock investor who not only profited from the financial markets, but also managed to pay off his 5-figure tertiary education in full and living debt-free, by putting his investing skills and knowledge to the test. All these by the age of 26.
  • He firmly believes that investment education is the best form of post-education that accords one the power to attain financial freedom, something that he wants to empower all his students with.

StockAid Highlight

Combines both fundamental and technical analysis, helping you save massive amount of time on research.

Pick the best stock for you, whether you are a low risk or a high risk, experienced or inexperienced.

With StockAid Pro, you can take pride in your investment decisions and in the long run, your portfolio will grow to reflect the soundness of your actions. Join us today and begin a journey of profitable investing.


ESP Forex

eSmart Profits is the world’s most advanced semi-auto trading program designed to give you the superior results of professional, full-time trading using just the minimum effort of amateur, part-time trading.

Armed with the latest algorithmic trading technologies, it automatically crunches through sophisticated market data and runs all the complex calculations in the background so that you don’t have to.

What you are left with is an easy-to-follow and reliable trading plan ready to be transformed into profits at any time!


Why Only Semi-Auto, NOT Fully Auto Trading?

Whilst developing eSmart Profits, we made a conscious decision to make the program only semi-auto and NOT fully auto.

As professional, full-time traders ourselves with over 30 years of combined experience, we recognise that every trader is bound by a different characteristic, behaviour, habit and limit. Hence, we’d be unfair to our users if we had taken a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, what we have come up with is a program that’s smart enough to automate the most complicated processes of trading, yet still flexible enough to let you customise your trades according to your risk profile and optimise your returns.

Manual trading is a tedious process, which can cause you to feel fatigued and take shortcuts. This leads to failed trades that can spur emotions and cloud your judgment. Semi-automation eliminates these barriers.


Marcus Lau

ESP Trading Co-founder, Full-Time Trader
  • Mr. Lau co-founded eSmart Profits so that everyone can enjoy the financial benefits of trading without the fear of making unnecessary beginner mistakes.
  • Since 2006, he has held steadfast to this mission, introducing the concept of semi-auto trading to over 2,000 eager traders, including Wall Street traders, from all over the world.
  • Today, he can be found further fine-tuning his program, so he can empower the financial growth of even more individuals.

Mr. Ang Kar Yong

Trainer, Full-Time Trader
  • Mr. Ang started trading with just a humble US$500 when he was only 20, but within 2 years, he had turned it into US$13,000 (representing an over 2000% profit margin!).
  • Owing to his success, he was featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia’s Money Mind: Young Investors.
  • He was also recognised as a Social Guru on the eToro social trading platform for leading thousands of traders through difficult market conditions.

eApps - Auto Profit Proprietary

Build your financial portfolio by leveraging on APPs’ Top Professional Traders.

APPs provides the means to allow anyone to thrive in this world of secretive financial markets and essentially follow the success of some of the most profitable traders.

Professional Traders

Leverage on our Professional Traders to work for you.

Safety First

Your money is safely guarded through segregated accounts and protected by the Traders Risk-Guard fund.

Flexible Portfolio Management

Scale your Profits or Reduce your Risk to achieve your Goals

Simple as Plug & Play

Provides step-by-step guides and help you to start your Portfolio in APPs.

Full Control

Choose how you want to open your traders change Traders anytime you want.

Social Feeds

Within the social community, know what others are trading